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The extent to which an individual employee feels confident in the current and future success of their organisation.

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How confident are your employees in the current and future success of your business, and their part in it? As a result of COVID-19 this has now become more important than ever.

Confident employees = better retention + improved problem solving + increased innovation + more discretionary effort + better team performance.

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Positive customer outcomes and better business performance.


Measure your employees’ drivers or detractors of confidence through a psychologist-designed 12 question survey.

Receive insights via your personalised dashboard and compare them against the overall market as the benchmark set grows. You have the option to enhance your level of insight by selecting the tier that meets your requirements.

Take targeted action to have the most significant impact on your organisation’s performance.

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How it works

Login to your personal dashboard and receive unique survey links for your organisation.

Send this link to your employees. All survey responses are secure and anonymous.

Your employees follow the link to complete the survey on any device.

You receive live results straight to your dashboard.

Option to upgrade your plan for deeper insights and recommendations from K3’s experts.



Organisations receive their overall Employee Confidence score, compared to the overall market.

Receive scores on each of the twelve individual questions compared to the overall market score on each question.

1-50 EMPLOYEES: $550

51-150 EMPLOYEES: $750

151+ EMPLOYEES: $950


Organisations receive Base Insights PLUS:

Analyse your results further against each of the demographic factors including position type, tenure, gender, industry and location.

1-50 EMPLOYEES: $800

51-150 EMPLOYEES: $1,100

151+ EMPLOYEES: $1,500


Organisations receive Gold Insights PLUS:

Our experienced consultants will take this information to the deepest level of analysis, interpreting it against all of the factors and providing tailored guidance as to where and how to improve confidence levels to drive organisation outcomes.

1-50 EMPLOYEES: $1,500

51-150 EMPLOYEES: $1,900

151+ EMPLOYEES: $2,300

Note: Prices are based on running the Pulse Survey once and do not include GST. Additional consulting time and insights agreed in advance and costed accordingly. Other terms & conditions apply.


Individual scores from employees will contribute to your organisation’s total average score. The organisation cannot see your individual results. K3 Consulting will not disclose your information to any party outside of this process. The information you provide will be stored securely by K3 Consulting with appropriately restricted access. By completing this survey and submitting it you are acknowledging and agreeing that you are supplying personal information for the purposes of creating an Employee Confidence benchmark and these results can be released to K3 Consulting Ltd for this purpose. For more information on K3’s Privacy Policy, go to: Privacy & Confidentiality Policy 2020